This painting called “Mystery” was one of the first pieces that I ever created from a sketch.  I absolutely love bringing my sketches to life through painting.  At first, I wanted the colors to be neutral with browns, black, greys, etc…but I found myself at the last minute wanting color and lots of it.  Bright, bold colors does this piece well but, I do plan to do a painting in the same fashion with neutral colors.  I am not sure why I named this painting “Mystery”.  I think it had to do with the cloaks they are wearing.  The mystery behind the woman who wears the cloak is what I find so beautiful.  I tend to draw/paint women with cloaks and long dresses.  There is something about the modesty of it.  But on the other hand, I also love to draw the nude body.  I, too, find that beautiful.  That’s how we came into the world and that’s how God originated us to be.  I’m at both ends of the spectrum I guess..either fully clothed or unashamedly naked…my artwork swings both ways and I love it that way.  All or nothing. 🙂 


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