Freestyle Painting

untitled2 stained

I have always figured that every painting that I created would be from a sketch or at least from a plan that I had in my mind.  I did not imagine that I could paint any other way… until recently.  I have been open to exploring a different way to create lately and its all thanks to a video I discovered on Youtube.  The video featured an artist by the name of Mel McCuddin.  I loved his process for creating his paintings, which basically involved no plan or sketch.  I was amazed at how he would create the background on canvas and then stand back to see or study the background to see what image comes to him.  Once he “found” the image in the background… he created the painting.  It was usually something different every time.  I could relate because I have always been able to “see” images in patterns, the clouds, just about anything.  My mind was blown!  I had to try Mr. McCuddin’s method, and so began my love affair for creating freestyle.  I still love creating from a sketch but, I feel my art in its purest form is best displayed in my freestyle way of creating.

his-image african-curls

What do you think? Do you create with a plan in mind or on paper? Or, do you “go with the flow” when it comes to creating art?  




This painting called “Mystery” was one of the first pieces that I ever created from a sketch.  I absolutely love bringing my sketches to life through painting.  At first, I wanted the colors to be neutral with browns, black, greys, etc…but I found myself at the last minute wanting color and lots of it.  Bright, bold colors does this piece well but, I do plan to do a painting in the same fashion with neutral colors.  I am not sure why I named this painting “Mystery”.  I think it had to do with the cloaks they are wearing.  The mystery behind the woman who wears the cloak is what I find so beautiful.  I tend to draw/paint women with cloaks and long dresses.  There is something about the modesty of it.  But on the other hand, I also love to draw the nude body.  I, too, find that beautiful.  That’s how we came into the world and that’s how God originated us to be.  I’m at both ends of the spectrum I guess..either fully clothed or unashamedly naked…my artwork swings both ways and I love it that way.  All or nothing. 🙂